5 Fishing – Related Games

Whereas nothing beats the experience of fishing in real life, there are times when you are too tired to go out, the weather’s not great, or you don’t feel like it. For times like these, we have video games to spend time on. And what better way to do it than playing fishing games?

Fishing has been present in video games for a long time. For instance, in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, you could spend hours relaxing in a forest pond, catching all kinds of fish. Other games that feature fishing are Red Dead Redemption 2, Stardew Valley and many more.

However, fishing in such games is often bare and lacking features. For a much more enthralling experience, you must look for fishing-specific games. There aren’t many, but the ones available offer a fantastic experience for fishing enthusiasts and professionals. Here are our top picks.

5 – Rapala Fishing: Pro Series

Any fishing enthusiast knows about Rapala, the fishing lure manufacturer. But if you’re looking for branded games, it’s better to get to an online casino such as NetBet Casino and find a branded slot. So, does Rapala Fishing have what it takes?

In fact, it does. It’s not groundbreaking like others in the list, but its excellent graphics, daily tournaments and minutiae of fishing are well-developed here.

4- Fishing: North Atlantic

This is a different take on fishing that deserves mentioning since it focuses on commercial fishing. You manage a ship and must understand how different species behave, meteorology, and fishing quota.

This simulator is so realistic that unpredictable waves can tremendously impact your command of the vessel and the fishing itself.

3 – Fishing Sim World

This is a fantastic fishing game for PS4 and Xbox One with good graphics and ambience. It has some good gameplay elements, such as getting into a boat with a tracking GPS that lets you know if there might be fish nearby. Even though it’s not very realistic, it saves a lot of time.

The game world is beautiful, featuring lakes and rivers to fish. You can use dynamic weather and choose the time of the day across many locations.

2 – Euro Fishing

This is an exciting mix between an RPG and a fishing simulator. You can create your character, which will gain experience points that can be used to unlock new equipment. The simulation is very detailed, and when you cast your line, you can assess what kind of bottom there is.

The casting system is also pretty complex and allows you to have a lot of control over your rod and line. There is a tension gauge and even an academy that teaches you all about fishing.

1 – Fishing Planet

By far, this is the best experience you’ll currently have. It would be much more appropriate to call Fishing Planet a fishing simulator instead of a game. This PS4 and PC title was explicitly developed for fishermen, featuring different reels, rods and tackles. It also lets you choose the time of the day.

The game takes place across North America, and several DLCs are at your disposal to enhance the experience.

Gone fishing

These are some of the best fishing games, mainly catering to budding fishermen. But plenty of others, including more casual games, will probably appeal to a larger fanbase. With that said, get your beers and relax with some fishing at home.

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