Top Fishing Lakes in Wales for Carp Fishing

Wales is the perfect example of great things coming in small packages. The 20,782 square kilometers country is full of natural beauty. With all that natural beauty come adventures and experiences of a lifetime. One of the most popular attractions of Wales is Carp Fishing! 

There are several fishing spots in Wales in general, but so much so that it might get a little too confusing to figure out which one is ideal. This post will eliminate all of that confusion by taking a closer look at 6 of the best fishing lakes in Wales for Carp Fishing! 

1. Commonwood Fisheries

Those looking for several days of fishing-centric adventure would love Commonwood Fisheries. The fishery is only about 4 kilometers away from Holt and easily accessible by car. The fishery spans across 60 acres, and in it are several grasslands and nine individual lakes, offering lots of views and sights to see too. 

For starters, visitors can come in their cars to just spend the day there, or bring in their own motorhomes and pitch them at the site. One of the best things about the main “entertainment” area of the fishery is that they also have little fishing pools for children where they can fish on their own. There are also fishing classes available on the grounds for people that might not be 100% confident about going out on the lakes on their own. 

Some of the biggest carp caught in the lake was around 30 lbs, and catfish over 50 lbs. More of the highlight catches can be seen on their social media pages! 

The entire fishery is open for 12 hours every day (7 am to 7 pm). However, it may close earlier in the winter months when dusk is earlier. Visitors can get 2 rods for £12.50 and 3 rods for £17.50 for one day passes.

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2. Llyn y Gors Fishery

Those that want some variety on their fishing trip should give Llyn Y Gors Fishery a shot. There are seven lakes at the facility, each suited for a different level of angler. They start with “The beginners lake,” which is quite literally, a lake meant for beginner anglers to try out. This is an excellent lake for newer anglers or children interested in trying it out. Once they’re a little more confident with the rod, they can move over to “the match.” 

The match spans over 2.5 acres and is filled with at least 11000 fish of all different kinds for visitors to catch.

Another step up from the match is Reed Lake. In it are 5000 fish waiting to be caught. However, because the lake is relatively large with only a couple thousand fish, they’re not the easiest to catch, and the angler would have to have moderate skill levels to be able to catch the fish, but if they are, they would have a great time spending a day at this lake! 

Although all the other lakes are great too, those that are particularly looking to fish carp would have the best time at the carp lake. This is a 5-acre lake that’s full of carp. Specifically, a minimum of 400 carp in the entire lake. The amount makes it reasonably easy for an experienced angler to catch a carp, but a moderately experienced one might also be able to get the job done well! 

In the lakes, anglers can find carp up to 30 lbs and even Catfish up to 50 lbs, sometimes even bigger, which are enough to make anyone’s fishing day a success!

Tickets at the Llyn Y Gors Fishery start at £5 and go up to £56 for a two-day pass.

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3. White Springs Fishery

White springs fishery is one of those places where anglers for almost every type of skill level can easily come together and have a great time. The fishery stretches over 37 acres in total, housing five lakes, all of which are stocked with fish to make everyone’s fishing excursions a massive success. 

The one everyone should start with is pleasure lake. This lake is designed to be suitable for anglers of every skill level. It’s not too deep and has 20 pegs that are nicely spaced out, enough for some fish to be a challenge, but also so less experienced anglers can still get some decent catches! In 2004, the fishery was also where the biggest carp (45 lbs) was caught in Welsh!

Specimen Lake is the biggest lake in White Springs Fishery. It measures around 10 acres, although that wasn’t always the case. This lake was recently merged with another on the grounds to make it bigger, so throughout the 10 acres, visitors are going to find regions that are different from the other because it is two lakes in one. However, since the lake is on the shallower side, for the most part, it is relatively easy to get some great catches through the months of spring and summer. Experienced anglers should have an easy enough time throughout the rest of the year. 

On the grounds, there’s also a match lake and “the pit,” which is another pleasure lake, so there’s lots of space for anglers to feel relaxed enough to go about their fishing day without feeling like they’re fishing in a massive crowd! 

Tickets at the White Springs Fishery start at £11.00 for a day ticket and £22.00 for a 24-hour pass for non-members. Tickets for the specimen lake start at £18.00 for the day pass and up to £154.00 for a week long ticket.

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4. Cefn Mably Lakes

People looking for the best fishing spot near Newport and Cardiff should look no further than the Cefn Mably Lakes. These lakes are in the middle of both areas. From the M4, it only takes around 5 minutes to get there. 

At the facility are two coarse lakes, great for experienced anglers, and six specimen lakes that can be used by less experienced anglers too. The biggest carp catch here has been around 37 lbs, and similar fixed carp exist all around the facility throughout the year. 

One of the best parts about this facility, though, is the fact that there are modern cabins right at the edge of the water. This allows visitors to stay at the facility and fish right off the deck! An experience where the natural and the modern mesh together perfectly! 

Ticket prices at the Cefn Mably Lake start at £24 and go up to £80 for the 72-hour pass.  

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5. Springwater Lakes 

Springwater Lakes has something for every type of angler. There’s one specimen lake, two mixed coarse lakes that are great for fishing for carp in, and one tench crucian lake that’s a little more aimed toward the more experienced anglers. Apart from those, there’s also a silverfish lake filled with just silverfish and one fly fishing lake. The variety of the lakes keeps the catch interesting too, but those that are looking to only go for carp should stick to the specimen lakes. All of the lakes span around 3 acres each!

Some of the biggest carp catches at Springwater Lakes have been around the 35 lbs mark, and there are lots of the big ones all around the facility just waiting to be caught. 

Tickets at Springwater Lakes start at £10 and go up to £18 for a day ticket.

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6. Penuwch Carp Fishery

Unlike all the other mentions on this list, Penuwch Carp Fishery doesn’t have separate lakes spanning across the fishery. Instead, it’s one 2.5 acre lake that’s designed to provide a great fishing experience for all different types of anglers. There are 12 swims in total, making it great for anglers trying to find their own little spot to fish around. 

Some of the biggest catches at this fishery have been around 30 lbs, and that size is very easily found throughout the facility. The best fish is caught at spots with less of a crowd. So visitors are encouraged to find their own spot and try to move away from the general public while they’re there. Those that can manage that would be in for a great fishing day ahead of them! 

Tickets at the Penuwch Carp Fishery start at £15 for the day ticket and go up to £27 for the 24-hour ticket in the summertime. The prices are lower in the winter, £12 and £25 respectively. 

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A Day Full of Fishing Awaits!

Wales is a place where any angler can have a day full of catches, even if they’re not the most experienced ones. Even though carp and catfish aren’t the easiest to catch, when there’s enough of them in the water, it ups the chances by a lot, which is also what makes these lakes the perfect fishing spot for just about anyone! 

The six fishing lakes featured in this post would be enough to ensure several days of fishing fun, peaceful mornings on the water, and an overall great time!

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